BDS: What the BDS movement really wants

What the BDS movement really wants

What the BDS movement really wants

Let’s say Israel complies 100% with BDS wishes, which means withdrawing unconditionally from the West Bank, cancelling any blockade on Gaza, and welcoming all Palestinian refugees into Israel, here is what it would happen:

– Hamas would take over the WB by force, just as they did in Gaza.

– Any Jews left in the West Bank would be killed or deported to Israel, just as in the war of Independence.

– Hamas would be able to receive advanced weapons from Iran, and perhaps even dirty bombs that use nuclear material, just as they have been trying to do for years.

– Hamas attacks on Israel would render Israel’s airports inoperable, would destroy Israel’s economy, and would likely result in many Israeli deaths, just as Hamas has been trying to do from Gaza. To defend itself, Israel would have to use extreme force that would result in many Palestinian deaths.

– Jews would become a minority in their own country, and they would within years face deportation (if some countries are willing to take them, which is less and less likely) and pogroms at the hands of Arabs, just as they have faced everywhere else in the Middle East.

These are not wild guesses. These are educated predictions based on plenty of historical evidence.

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Laura Kristen And when Hamas made their territory Judenrein, the BDS’s would NEVER boycott Hamas…sick people.

Clifford Rosen And this is why BDS is inherently antisemitic

David Cohen It sounds quite accurate to me. I think more programs as opposed to deportations. What Countries would they send the Jews to?
David Cohen
David Cohen I meant Pogroms, not programs. Darn spell checker.

Fred Maroun
Fred Maroun I guessed. 🙂

David Cohen
David Cohen Of course you did. I hate when my spell checker makes me goof. Since I’m using a smartphone instead of a laptop, my thick fingers also hit wrong buttons and if I hurriedly post, the results are different than I would wish. For some reason, I can’t edit my posts or comments from my smartphone.
Fred Maroun
Fred MarounIt happens to me a lot too!
Not really accurate. BDS doesnt want Israel to withdraw from the West Bank, it wants to give all Palestinians citizenship including millions abroad and rename the country Palestine.

Fred Maroun
Fred MarounOkay, so even worse than I thought. Regardless, the end result would be the same.
Ollie Kent“I clearly do not buy into the two-state solution.”
-Omar Barghouti

Ollie Kent
Ollie Kent“(The one state solution means) a unitary state, where, by definition, Jews will be a minority.”
-Omar Bargouti

Lowa Kay
Lowa KayMINORITY is putting his thoughts lightly. ..he wants to Wipe All The Jews Out Entirely. ..just like his Charter states
Rochelle PosnerDoesn’t bear thinking about and nobody wins………..frown emoticon

Fred Maroun
Fred MarounThe haters win
Ollie Kent“[Israel] was Palestine, and there is no reason why it should not be renamed Palestine.”
-Omar Barghouti,

Ollie Kent
Ollie KentHe’s also in favour of violence to achieve his goal “[Palestinians have a right to] resistance by any means, including armed resistance. [Jews] aren’t indigenous just because you say you are….[Jews] are not a people…the UN’s principle of the right to self-determination applies only to colonized people who want to acquire their rights. ”
-Omar Barghouti
Rafael Wugalter I agree that each of your predictions is eminently possible in such an instance. BTW, you might enjoy my recent rant about the NDP left and BDS against Canada:

Does the NDP’s left advocate BDS by non-Canadian entities against Canada? For consistency’s sake, it should. Canada has repeatedly shown that it treats First Nations as second-class citizens in terms of the rights and benefits they obtain. Indeed, there was a recent ruling in that regard. And some of our institutions, like the RCMP, have shown deeply ingrained institutional racism and sexism. Some of our local police discriminate against Black Canadians. Moreover, just like in Israel, there is a segment of the Canadian population that is quite discriminatory against various minority populations. In Israel, the discriminatory attitude might partially be attributable to the fact that most individuals in the many authoritarian/dictatorial regimes surrounding Israel want it annihilated, whereas in Canada, there is really no credible risk of the annihilation of our country, especially if you believe the left’s view that Islamist extremism doesn’t pose a major security threat here. In short, our discriminatory practices could be seen as a lot less defensible or understandable than Israel’s, so what is the NDP left waiting for? Ask universities, countries and individuals abroad to boycott Canadian products, banish Canadian professors and impose sanctions on Canada until First Nations are Free, from Sea to Sea to Sea!

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