Weak WiFi Signal Problem in Windows 10? Here’s the Solution

Weak WiFi Signal Problem in Windows 10? Here’s the Solution

If you recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and facing the problem of weak, low and drop in WiFi signals, here’s how to fix it. Simply Weak WiFi Signal Problem.

Weak WiFi Signal Problem in Windows 10? Here’s the Solution

After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, a lots of PC owners have reported that their weak signal of wireless networks and in some cases, WiFi networks are no longer available in task bar.

The major Widows 10 rolled by Microsoft in 190 countries and has more than 14 millions installation in the 24 hours.

As we can assume the Windows 10 as a beta version, hence, lots of PC users reported the initial problem including the WiFi problem in Windows 10.

So here is the simple solution that works for lots of affected users.


1.  Right Click on The Computer icon on your desktop “This PC” and click on “Manage”.

2.   Now Click on “Device Manager”.

3.   Scroll down to the “Network Adopter”. As shown in the below image.

Weak WiFi Signal Problem in Windows 10? Here’s the Solution

4.   Here, you have to uninstall the WiFi Driver. So do it as shown in the above image.

5.    Restart your computer. You have done.

The previous Wireless Networks will be available in the WiFi and Network task bar as shown below.

Just do the same for Weak WiFi signal problem or WiFi problem in Windows 10. If it works for you, that what we exactly want to figure out the problem. If you know other methods or tricks to solve the low signal problem in Windows 10, Please share with us in the below comment box. So that, other user will get it useful as well.


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  1. I noticed that a cold boot boots up real fast. A restart boot takes much longer. But apparently the restart boot does for the wifi adapter what the cold boot doesn’t. The restart will provide a full signal.
    But a quicker way is to go to network and sharing center and click on change adapter settings. Disable the adapter, then re-enable it. That should give you full strength.
    What a shame that Microsoft wont fix their problems.

    • The disable and re-enable seemed to work for me. Is there any known date Microsoft plans to do updates to fix all these Windows 10 issues? Unreal!

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