Top 10 Reasons why not to upgrade to Windows10

Top 10 Reasons why not to upgrade to Windows10

Top 10 Reasons why not to upgrade to Windows10

After getting a start in 1970 with time Microsoft has revolutionized the operating system by covering huge milestones from Windows 1 to Windows Windows10.If you are a user of windows then Windows10 would be the most popping stuff these days on your machine.Many will recommend you to upgrade your PC to new glory of Windows and actually Microsoft provides solid reasons to adopt new OS because it is free and it offers a lot of splendid features but on contrary bases here I am going to explain you that still you have to keep in locked with older versions of Windows and still have to wait .

1: Unstable and Unfinished Product

As windows10 is released in July 2015 so still it is not an end product and highly unstable.Before Windows10 Microsoft was offering licensed service packs for every version but now Microsoft has changed its changed it policy to offer OS as service like Windows10 which is freely upgradable . As this version is just a recent lauch so it has come to the market with bulk of bugs and unstabilities so everybody should wait for Windows10 to get stable .According to my personal experience many menus don’t appear on start menu and search doesn’t work which require a startup again and again that’s annoying

2: Incompatibility

Many hardware Devices like printers, scanners and many premium versions of software’s including antivirus programmes are not compatible with Windows 10.Windows10 user’s oftenly experiences trouble in network connection.

3: Start Menu

Another reason why ugly tiled menu in latest version of windows .Any windows 7 user will see no difference in start menu, In Windows 8.x version there was awesome change in layout but in latest version why again back to tiled taskbar.

4: Lag Issue

One of the major technical issue is lag problem .Right after 2 days of installation Windows 10 start eating ram and filling cache which caused processor to be slow. Huge delay in startup and shutting down i.e. sometimes it even takes 10-15 minutes to load start menu.

5: For a gammer Windows 8 is awful because play store is not offering any powerful 3D games rather Microsoft is trying to make all applications compatible with androids where it is killing the purpose of PCs.

6: Enforcement of Updates.

Upgrades normally offer a slight amazing experience of being updated but in Windows10 updates and upgrades will be automatically installed on your system regards of fact that these new upgrades can be faulty and problematic that can put pc on risk along with causing the processor to be slow.

7: Errors in built in Applications

Mail app ,startup menus and Microsoft Edge application are a good change but none of them is working up to mark. Can this edge browser compete with powerful browsers like Firefox or Chrome.
All the built in applications in Windows10 are not up to the mark new apps like Cortana and continuum which have come to create difference but abruptly they became sluggish. Lack

8: Split setting Menu:

Half of the PC setting are lying inside PC settings menu but still for half of the setting you have to go into control Panel like older version to do setting .Either all the setting must be under control panel or either inside PC setting e.g. desktop e.g background can be changed in PC setting but for themes settings you need to go in control Panel.

9: Lack of media center and playback DVD.

Bad news is that from now to onward there will be no media center in windows which has been replaced by XBOX support in Windows10 while for the playback DVD you have to pay money in dollars to purchase apps within app store. Many important apps are paid now.

10: Lack of External Storage

Although Microsoft has tried to launch a system that is compatible with all devices but unfortunately it lacks a feature of adding an external storage and also it doesn’t allow one drive to download files one by one but download a complete folder whether you want it or not.


Windows10 is indeed better than previous versions in many ways but still it has to maintain standards set by Microsoft. I am not trying to say here that you should not upgrade to Windows10 at all but i am just telling everybody you still need to wait for this version to get stable and up to the mark then you can enjoy the actual glory of using Windows10.

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