Using Smart phones Before Going to Bed is too Dangerous than that you Thought

Using Smart phones Before Going to Bed is too Dangerous than that you Thought

New York: The bad news for iPad, smart phones and other devices user are that using tablet before going to sleep at night will affect overall health of the user. This is disclosed by a medical research in the US.

Using Smart phones Before Going to Bed is too Dangerous than that you Thought.

According to a research of Penn State University, using tablet and smart phones before going to sleep, there is a longer bad effect on health and the main effect is Insomnia (sleeplessness)

The research was presented by Anne-Marie Chang which shows that modern devices implement a big difference of dangerous on health and it is more than the previous estimation.

It has been noted in the past research reports that the light emitted from these devises is harmful for good sleep, while this latest research cover this fact in a deep account and took a detailed and closed review.

In this regard, they managed a survey on many tablet and smart phones users for two weeks and noted a decrease in the rate of melatonin hormone which helps the body asleep fast for those who use iPad before going to bed, which leads to Insomnia (inability to sleep, sleeplessness or wakefulness)

In addition, the Ipad and smart phones users feels laziness Drowsiness and sleepy while they get up, moreover, their physical efficiency is much lower than the normal people who goes early to bed and early to rise even if they get up to eight hours of sleep.

But, this is not only the case, the decrease in the rate of melatonin hormone also cause Breast, Bladder and bowel cancer and It also leads to the Obesity and diabetes.

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