7 Things Job Seekers Must Avoid on Facebook and Social Media

7 Things Job Seekers Must Avoid on Facebook and Social Media

New York: Be careful while posting, linking or sharing something on social network like Facebook and Twitter. To do so, you can make new friends and win their hearts, but it may lead you to dismiss from the job.
7 things Job Seekers Must Avoid on Facebook and Social Media
7 things Job Seekers Must Avoid on Facebook and Social Media
According to a recent survey type research in the United States, lots of companies take a look of the candidates social network profile and the process still continue after the recruitment.

1     Drug

According to the research, accepting the use of drugs is the worst option for the employees where they lose the job. This is the leading one mistake to accept or share something about drug on social media like Facebook and the majority of people lost their job by this factor.

2     Sex

According to the survey, taking an interest in sex related post is also another big fact and 70% of companies do not accept it.

3     Guns and Ammunition

Images and pictures related to guns and ammunition are also another mistake for the social media users. The 50% cases go wrong against the employers.

4     Negative Religious views

Religions Xenophobia (hating the religions) or the similar posts is not acceptable for 66% companies.

5     Use of Drug the Tension

According to the latest research, 44% companies are against of the Use of drugs in trouble and tension.

6     Bad Grammars

66% of the HR officers and managers do not accept the bad and weak grammar and they can’t neglect the basic mistakes in the Twitter and Facebook status.

7     Political Views

Political commitment and affiliation is going wrong against 15% of the employers.
In addition, volunteer activities and donation and contribution for a good and useful cause is Praiseworthy and Appreciated by 65% companies and proofs on social networks like Facebook is a plus point and goes in the favor of job seekers, candidates and employers.
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