Is The Hoverbike About To Become Reality?

 The US Company has developed flying motorbike model Hoverbike

Those childhood dreams of doing the commute on a Star Wars Speeder Bike might be possible if a revolutionary hoverbike design takes off.

New York: Cars run on earth and the skies the simultaneous were old things. Scientists have developed a hoverbike (flying motorbike). The US leading Company develops a Flying Motorbike from modern technology and the Trial model of flying motorbike has been successfully tested.

The company called it crossover vehicle. It is technically a hoverbike, but it actually feels like riding a motorbike. It is designed for low-altitude flying and can zoom over ground that even an all terrain vehicle (ATV) would struggle with. Aerofex says this wil be capable of 72km/h (45mph).

Is The Hoverbike About To Become Reality?

The hoverbike with four wheels designs like quad copter. Hoverbike will be equipped with four rotors. Hoverbike have Ability to Land and fly like helicopter. It would capable to fly about 9 thousand feet with the speed of 100 Nautical miles (approximately).

Aerofex says, hoverbikes are due to go on sale in 2017 and will cost $80,000 each. Who is a hoverbike aimed at, beyond the odd rich eccentric with a head for heights? Although it’s a good product, the company’s CTO and founder Mark DeRoche told us it could be a lucrative niche. “There is really nothing between a ground vehicle and an aircraft,” he says, apart from too more expensive helicopters and small planes. Aerofex thinks hoverbike could be useful for farmers and also for agriculture (crops) and herding animals. It could also be used by emergency services and as well as for border patrols.

For testing , they ride on hovebike a quarters volumes of plastic robot. After which control through remote and were examined balance in the air.

Flight controls

The video shows early test flights of the Aero-X with no computer platform between the pilot and the controls. DeRoche showed the proof that the controls are as intuitive as possible. It is important to prove that stable flight is possible without variable, complicated computer intervention, DeRoche says. “If we had said, ‘ by the way there is a computer in there, it would be like photo shopping our videos.”

The company says that currently being funding for this project. After which original model of this motor bike will be offered for sale in the market very soon .

Is The Hoverbike About To Become Reality?


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