Hidden Features of Android Phones

Hidden Features of Android Phones

Android phones are utilized by a huge number of individuals around the world, however what number of us know the little traps and shrouded highlights they are prepared to do?

Hidden Features of Android Phones

Google Maps

In case you’re lost and with no WIFI or mobile data, you can even then use the Google Maps. The framework is accessible disconnected from the net and permits you to choose and download a particular zone on the guide which you can then search later. To make a logged off guide, press Search then make this guide zone accessible disconnected from the net. You can store away to six maps on your gadget.

Hidden Features of Android Phones

Speed dials

Rather than simply having a rundown of numbers on your speed dial system, Android Phones gives you a chance to make symbols for your contacts and store those contacts on the home screen. Hold an unfilled space on your home screen and after that press all the way through to Shortcuts then the Contact, and select the contact which you need to include. On the other hand you can press down on a favorite contact and make an alternate way to the home screen.  7 Simple Step To Optimize Your Mobile Battery For Best Performance

Hidden Features of Android Phones

Lost cell phone

Not everyone is going to give back a lost cell phone to its proprietor yet in the event that you need to build your possibilities of having your telephone come back to you, you can show your contact data on your watchword ensured lock screen. Check in Settings select Security then go to Screen Security and lastly Owner Info. At that point simply enter your name, email deliver or telephone number to help a kind bystander rejoin you with your telephone. Learn Android Apps Development Through Online Courses

Lost cell phone

Google Chrome

Download Chrome on your Phone application, and you will have the capacity to send connections, texts and telephone numbers from your desktop program straight to your telephone. It offers you some assistance with accessing bookmarks and spared searches instantly on your telephone. Store Photos And Videos In Your Google Account

Data usage

In the event that you don’t have unrestricted mobile data , Android Jelly Bean permits you to program your telephone to screen the data utilization. When you are drawing closer a high sum, it can caution you, and after that stop you out and out when you achieve a sure farthest point. This will spare you going over your utmost and getting an excessive bill

Empower Wireless Display Certifications

This alternative is just helpful on the off chance that you claim a Mira cast-prepared show (or something else of a comparable innovation), to transmit your Android substance to your TV. To see YouTube recordings on your Mira cast-prepared presentation, you should empower Wireless Display Certifications. For that to happen, move to the Settings select Developer alternatives. At that point search for Wireless showcase accreditation and select it.

Try not to Keep App Activities

The Android application activities are still in place even after you have left from your application. The majority of your applications depend on local stored information on Android so they can stack quicker and won’t confront any constrained close minutes. In any case, there may be applications that utilization a great deal of exercises. You can decide to not keep those activities with these strides: go to the select Developer Options. Select on do not keep exercises. Using Smart phones Before Going to Bed is too Dangerous than that you Thought

Permit Mock Location

To have the capacity to fake your present GPS area, you require an application. In any case, to utilize that application, you should first permit Mock Location for the application to toil. Empower Mock Location in two stages. Head to the Settings select the Developer Options. Search for Allow Mock Location and select it to empower.

Permit Mock Location


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