Android vs iPhone Users Behavior You Must Know

Android vs iPhone Users Behavior You Must Know

London: you have seen Apple and Android users. But, did you know that there are lots of difference between in their habits and social behavior. Recently, a company “YouGov” in London has introduced a very interesting tool whereby a survey has been done to report the different habits and social behavior of Apple and Android user.

In this survey, many wonderful and interesting things have been emerged. It is important to mention that the facts shown in this survey do not apply to the all users and customer of Android and Apple Smartphones, as the majority of Apple and Android users are different in habits. Here are the overall secrets that you want to know about Smart phone users (where you shy to ask them directly).

Android vs iPhone Users Behavior You Must Know

The average age of Apple users is between 25 to 39 years. Most of them are females who has a wealthy family and works for media and marketing. They want to live in most expensive areas and spend almost half of a million bucks a month. When talking about the politics, they have natural views. On the other side, the most of Android users are middle class. The most favorite sectors, where Android users work, are IT, Energy and Advertisement.

In addition, Android user spends about 20 thousand in a month and most of them are interested in politics. The interesting thing in the survey is that the Apple users are food eager especially in eating roast and expensive birds while the Android users are contented and subsist on whatever they find to eat. Moreover, Apple iPhone users watch TV almost fifty hours a week and spend much time online 35 hours a week (approximately) On other side, Android users are eager to watch TV up to 50 hours a week, while to stay online, they are slightly behind from the Apple users.

Android vs iPhone Users Behavior You Must Know

It means the Android user stays online up to 25 hour a week. At last but not least, Apple users are interested to go to expensive stores for shopping and does not involve in the discussion about the higher price. On the other hand, Android users interested to go for a cheaper store and get involved in the discussion to reduce the price. These were the facts that shown in the survey about the social activity and behavior of Android and Apple iPhone smartphone Users.

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