7 Simple Step To Optimize Your Mobile Battery For Best Performance

7 Simple Step To Optimize Your Mobile Battery For Best Performance

7 Simple Step To Optimize your mobile battery for best performance

Every creature in this world need some energy and power to work in a similar way all portable digital devices are running on fuel stored in their batteries. Everyone has got many devices like laptops, smartphones, iPods etc and they want these devices to perform best.

Apple has launched all its mobile phones, tabs, Mac books, watches and iPods with built in batteries (Mobile Battery). Now Samsung and Sony have adopted this idea by Apple to launch new devices with built-in batteries. Samsung latest phone like Galaxy S6 and Sony Z5 have now non-removable battery and batteries (Mobile Battery) used by all the companies are lithium-ion batteries. This article will explain to you that how you can get maximum output from your battery.

This article is targeting the most common device that is a smartphone these days everyone is using a Smartphone. There are few thing which you have to keep under your consideration to get best of your device.

1: Never charge you battery to 100%

(Mobile Battery) your batteries on charging overnights or for many hours because in this way you are giving poison to your battery.

2: Avoid Low Battery Alerts

Make sure that you are not getting too much low battery notifications because every time a full discharge is slightly downgrading your Mobile Battery performance that’s why is highly recommended that you must fully discharge your Mobile Battery once in a month or twice to perform calibration.(There battery gauge in every phone that need calibration)

3: Avoid Over Heating of Phone

Sometimes if you are using your phone in sun or you forgot your phone at some hot place you will find that your phone is sluggish and slow .Note that all this new digital devices are designed to be operated in a specific temperature which from 32-95 degrees. Your devices need to be pampered like a baby and cooled off oftenly.

4: Avoid Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is obviously a good gadget for smart devices but like all device there is one disadvantage of wireless charger that is heat issue so you must avoid over use of wireless charger because it induces heat into your device which is quite dangerous for your device.

5: Remove Case while charging

Everyone these days is using cases for their mobile devices to enhance their beauty or for protection purpose. But one thing you have to do is that you have to remove these cases when you are charging your phone specially metallic cases because during charging your phone became hot to fancy level and will start transferring heat to the case that is actually killing your device.

6:Don’t use back-up with low battery

Never ever use back up on your phone when you are running low battery and getting connect charge notification. When you are uploading or downloading data from back-up you need to make sure that you have sufficient battery. Avoid using phone with low battery and on also during charging because it will downgrade your Mobile Battery performance and causes your Mobile Battery to loose it capacity to store charge for longer period.

7: Use appropriate Charger

This is not a common issue because most of the people are using genuine chargers but many times you are bound to use other chargers so make sure that you are buying charger from authorized shop because you will get chargers on very less prices but they will damage your Mobile Battery as they are not of proper rating.

These are few step you need follow whenever you are using latest digital devices. This articles explained about mobile phones it is applicable to all new devices because every portable device specially laptops they are using batteries so if you will consider these options you can get best out of your device and can use your device for longer periods.

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